Is there any deposit required?

Yes there is, we will require 2 months deposit for leases over 3 months. Anything lesser we will just collect 1 month deposit

Does CoCRE8 have any additional charges on top of the monthly rental?

Our packages does not include any hidden charges. That means there is no pantry fee, no cleaning fee and no mandatory reinstatement fee. The packaged price will be what you are paying for. Of course, if the room is damaged and require our team to conduct repair effort that charges will be issued based on the extent of damage done.

Are we allowed to pause or terminate our contracts?

Unfortunately, we do not allow early termination nor temporary pause for our workspace rental. Tenant will have to stay through the expected lease before ending the contract with us.


What is the benefit in becoming a CoCRE8 member?

CoCRE8 is largely supported by the Hong Fok Group which is a power house in Singapore’s property investment and development industry. We value add to our tenant by housing expanding business into other properties owned by Hong Fok Group allowing them the flexibility of movement and not being tied down to a place which may obstruct a business’s expansion plans.


What if I have visitors

We allow 1 free visitor to use our space for a maximum of 2 days each month. If you need anything more please approach our friendly Community Managers for assistance

What if i would require more temporary workspaces during my lease?

We can allow tenants to take up temporary workspaces under flexible contract terms that is seperate from the main lease contract.

Whats the operating hours here?

Our dedicated community managers will be available on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM to provide assistance to our tenants.
Additionally, both day pass and part-time users will have access to our workspace during the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays.

For the convenience of our full-time tenants, 24-hour secured access to CoCRE8 will be granted.

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