1 day free trial for hotdesk


You know what? If you are still deciding which office space to take up, let us make it simple for you. Come on down and get a free 1 day trial for our hotdesking absolutely FREE. No stings attached, no hassle free.
What are you waiting for? Enquire now to book!


What is the usage hours for part time & day pass hot desk users?

Usage will be on weekdays, 9am to 6pm.

Can we sit where ever?

We have designated hotspots and breakout areas for our Hotdesking members

Are we able to leave our belongings overnight?

No, but you will be responsible for any of your belongings left overnight that is found missing.

Do you have locker space and storage?

Yes we do, locker rentals are priced as $45/month, subject to availability.

Can I use CoCRE8’s address as my mailing address?

Mail address services is only applicable to Full time hotspot users. Part time and day passes will not be able to use our address

Can I convert to full time?

Yes, upgrading can be done anytime, just approach us!

Can I return to my favourite seat everyday?

Hotdesking seats are subjected to availability depending which tenant came earlier to use the workspace.

What is the minimum contract term for full time hotdesking?

The minimun contract term is 3 months.

Any security measure in place?

Our common areas have been installed with CCTV.

So what are you waiting for!?