Why Co-Working Space?

Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space

The beauty of co-working spaces lie in its freedom of working independence and melting-pot nature of knowledge sharing. Co-working spaces make excellent workspace choices for both freelancers and entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses, haven’t set up their own offices and prefer to work outside of the confines of their home or local coffee shop. Here are some of perks that come along with working at a great coworking space.


Being surrounded in an environment where everyone is engulfed in their own passion projects is an encouraging and driving factor that rubs off on others in the vicinity. 68% of entrepreneurs say they feel more focused while working in a co-working space. Furthermore, 90% of entrepreneurs feel more confident in a co-working space of like-minded people. 74% of co-working space users feel more productive and 64% of co-workers say they are able to better complete tasks on-time.

Social & Network

In a melting-pot environment of entrepreneurs, combining to offer a sea of expansive expertise, experiences and passions, it’s no wonder 68% of co-workers say they have learned more through sharing knowledge and advice in co-working spaces. Furthermore, 80% of entrepreneurs say they have expanded their business network, while 86% say they have increased their social circles.


While working as an entrepreneur or freelancer may allow one the freedom to work where & when they wish, at no point should those jobs be considered “easy”. The careers comes with their own stresses. Luckily, co-working spaces are able to alleviate some of the pressure as 54% of co-workers say they enjoy a better work-life balance since working at a co-working space, with 51% enjoying a more pleasant commute from home.

So what are you waiting for!?